Who are we?

Hello, my fellow COFFEE LOVERS!❤ Have you ever wondered who’s behind all these pink, gold, and marble coffee mugs? If you have, prepare to have your questions answered.

Hey 😃 I'm Mariella, the founder of COFFEE LOVER and a coffee addict, fitness freak, and self-proclaimed female empowerment queen.

I had the idea for COFFEE LOVER at the end of 2018. After I quit my accounting job in 2017, sold everything, and went travelling for a year, it was clear to me: I didn't want to go back to the dreary office routine. On top of that, I was then in the midst of a bad breakup. But do you know when’s the best time to reinvent yourself and create something great? When you have just lost (almost) everything. Sometimes the best ideas can come out of the worst situations, and for me, that’s exactly what happened.

Back then, there was only one thing that could get me out of bed in the morning: My favourite mug*, which my best friend had brought me from London.

(*Sadly, the mug no longer exists today.)

That mug gave me the idea for COFFEE LOVER. I wanted to spruce up dull households and boring office routines and share the feeling of motivation that a beautiful mug combined with strong coffee gives you!

Over the months, COFFEE LOVER has grown immensely, and I have gained some awesome helping hands. My dear girls Fabi & Laura work hard every day to make sure that all of your orders are packed with love, safe for transport, and sent to you as quickly as possible.

Our constantly-growing community of coffee and coffee mug-loving women makes me extremely proud.😍 If you don't follow us on InstagramTikTok and Facebook yet, definitely do! And don't forget to share your shopping haul with us. We can’t wait to share your photos and videos with the COFFEE LOVER community.